Turing Talent Internship Program
Hire young technical talent without the ramp-up headache
A smart, cost effective way to hire
Internships as a Service
Young talent without ramp-up overhead
High calibre
We partner with 100+ universities globally to help their PhDs and Masters find work placements in Data Science and Machine Learning
Fully-managed screening, recruiting, upfront training and ongoing delivery support during internship to reduce ramp-up overhead
Cost effective
Grow team flexibly with interns. Convert to employee if internship is successful.
Programme Features
Pre-screened candidates matched to skills and interest need
Success Manager
Dedicated account manager for your success
Upfront training on professional & communication skills, agile and remote working
Ongoing support
Support throughout internship. Removes trivial questions and roadblocks
HR support
Improve engagement and on-the-job performance
Virtual office
Reduce remote working challenges. Enhance engagement
Our applicants in numbers
PhDs & Masters
People of Colour
First Generation University Graduates
Success stories
at over 100 tech companies and counting
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Amanda Duncan
Founder, Scribeasy
"[Our intern] is a perfect fit for us.
He has joined the team, for the long term.
As a SME, this placement has made a huge difference for us: boosted morale, helped us fast track on some NLP developments, not least help around the time and resources we were expecting required to recruit such a position"
Roy Azoulay
Founder CEO, Serelay
"Our feedback is very positive - it's working very well and Chandana is now an integral and
vital part of our team"
Teoman Gonenc
Founder, Wise Analytics
"Our first impression is really positive. [Our intern] seems very professional, curious and driven...The overall experience with Turing Talent has been very positive. Short and smooth process until hiring."
Why we created this program?
Bridging the gap between education and industry

Young talent don't have proven industry experience to show on their resumes. Companies don't want to take on negative RoI to hire and train interns. Our programme leverages economies of scale to reduce overhead cost for companies when they ramp up interns and open up internship opportunities that wouldn't otherwise exist. A win-win for tech companies and young talent.

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